Help for editing the BioComputing Hub website

Git repository

The git repository for the sources of the website is available here.

The website is automatically rendered and put online here after any commit to the main branch.

Create a new project page

Project pages are organised by year and should be put in the projects/<year> sub-directory inside the source repository.

A project page is just a Quarto markdown file index.qmd inside a dedicated sub-directory, e.g. projects/<year>/<my-project>/index.qmd.


For confidential projects, the project description should be put in a _private.qmd file in the same sub-directory (that will NOT be rendered in the website). The index.qmd file (that will be rendered in the website) should only contain the title, project holder and the list of involved people.

Check the project page template projects/template/project_template/index.qmd (rendered here) for more details.


Write your project description in Markdown and edit the metadata at the top of the file.

If the project request was made using the markdown project form provided here, you can directly copy-paste its content inside the project index.qmd page.


You can add contents like images to your project webpage (that can be advertised on the project list page, c.f. next section).


  • You can list as authors the persons involved in the project.
  • You can list categories that can be used to filter projects on the front page.
  • Remove draft: true for the post to be listed on the front page.
  • Use the image: field to display an image for your project on the front page.
  • Use the category field to add tags to your project (that can be used to filter projects on the front page), i.e.
    • status of the project: “ongoing”, “finished”, “waiting”, “dismissed”
    • description about the subject: e.g. “genomics”, “transcriptomics”, “image processing”, etc.
    • description about the objective: “software development”, “methodology”, “statistics”, “machine learning”, “bioinformatics”, etc.
    • the involved programming language(s): “R”, “Python”, etc.
    • the involved team at LBMC
    • and anything you could find relevant (but avoid using too specific words because it will make the filtering on the front page not efficient)


The default license for the content of the website is CC-BY-SA 4.0. Mention a specific license if you want to use another one for your specific content.

If you add any other files like images with particular authors and license, add a corresponding .licence file to indicate the author and license of this specific content, and mention the license at the end of the project description file if necessary.

Render the website

To locally render the website and check your webpage, you can use the Render button in Rstudio or run quarto preview ./ from the repository root directory.

Help using Quarto

You can visit our “Quarto template website” (webpage and source).

You can also visit Quarto official documentation: