BioComputing Hub

The BioComputing Hub is composed of 5 permanent members under the direction of Daniel Jost, Franck Mortreux and Laurent Modolo:

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee, made up of team leaders, is responsible for evaluating and awarding projects supported by members of the laboratory.

  • Daniel JOST
  • Didier AUBOEUF
  • Gaël YVERT
  • Marie SEMON
  • Pascal BERNARD
  • Franck MORTREUX

These projects are then attributed to the members of the BioComputing Hub.

BioComputing Committee

The BioComputing Committee is made up of 15 members, meeting several times a year to decide on the future actions of the BioComputing Hub.

  • Audrey Lapendry
  • Aurèle Piazza
  • Cecile Bedet
  • Daniel Jost
  • David Cluet
  • Fabien Duveau
  • Franck Mortreux
  • Franck Picard
  • Helene Polveche
  • Ghislain DURIF
  • Laurent Modolo
  • Marie Semon
  • Maxime Lepetit
  • Mia Croiset
  • Nicolas Fontrodona
  • Stéphane Janczarski
  • Steve de Bossoreille

During these meetings, the Committee will:

  • Create surveys to identify the needs of the members of the laboratory
  • Plan training courses
  • Create animations around bioinformatics

The minutes of the meetings of the Committee are available online.